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リベラアカデミーオブジュエリーアーツ創立者のALAN REVERE氏がJJCA顧問に就任!!


経験の多寡に関わらず、より多くの方に本格的なジュエリーメイキングの世界に慣れ親んでいただくことを目指している協会の思想は、 私が校長をしているアメリカのサンフランシスコを拠点とする総合ジュエリースクール、Revere Academyの創立思想にも通じるものがあり、大いに賛同しております。


Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts 創立者・学校長
(http://www.revereacademy.com/ )
Contemporary Jewelry Design Group 創立者 (http://www.cjdgjewelers.org/)
American Jewelry Design Council 前協会長 (http://www.ajdc.org/),

It is an honor to accept a gracious invitation to become an advisor to the Japan Jewelry Creators Association.
I fully support the objective of the association to provide real jewelry-making opportunities for more people no matter how much or how little experience they have.
It coincides with the philosophy of the Revere Academy, a general school of jewelry arts in San Francisco, U.S., of which I am a founder and director.
I hope to contribute jewelry industries of both U.S. and Japan, based on cultural / technical exchange between both countries, including international learning programs, through JJCA.

Founder and Director of The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
(http://www.revereacademy.com/ )
FOUNDER of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group (http://www.cjdgjewelers.org/),
Past president of the American Jewelry Design Council (http://www.ajdc.org/),